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Pellets — environmentally friendly fuel with 3% ash content. For pellets production using mainly sawmill and agricultural wastes, those usually was dumped in landfills.
There are two standard types: ENplus type for domestic using. EN-B type for industrial and municipal using. This type separation allows us frugally using fuel.


As a raw material in the production of pellets used sawdust (waste wood processing, the first and second fractions).

We offer wood pellets with diameter 6 mm and 8 mm.

Diameter, mm 8+/-1 6
Length, mm <30 <30
Humidity in working condition, % <10 10
Wood ash on dry basis, % <0,7 1,5
Mechanical resistance at operating conditions, % 90>97,5 95
Bulk density, kg/m3 600>700 >600
Working heat of combustion on a working condition, GJ/t 16,5>18 17

Storage of pellets

Pellets are delivered to the final consumer, Packed in plastic bags weighing 15 kg. Some clients prefer pellets, Packed in big bags – cubic polypropylene bags weighing up to 1 ton. Storage of pellets is produced in dry areas.

Waste disposal

When burning pellets produces ash in volume from 0.5% by weight of the pellet (depending on pellet categories).

Environmentally friendly pellets
When burning pellets formed exactly as much CO2 as was absorbed by the plant during growth.

The convenience of pellets
The ease of downloading, the ability to automate the fuel supply.

The safety of using pellets
Unlike other fuels pellets are not explosive and are not subject to spontaneous ignition when the temperature rise. In the pressing process are not added chemical substances, so they do not cause allergic reactions in people.

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